All our products are custom made therefore it may take 3 to 4 weeks from receiving order to being shipped. Please contact us if you have any questions

About Us


NAavya is a new brand created and managed by SaleCanada Inc. They are working with home based and small business artisans across South Asia to bring their handmade, hand embroidered and hand painted scarves, shawls, pillow covers, bed throws, bed covers, clutches, and other items to the general public. The beautiful colors and designs are sure to please everyone.

We take pride in offering our customers with a selection of handmade products to choose from. When you shop at NAavya you can do it in comfort knowing that we guarantee 100% authenticity on all of our products, as well as privacy and security along with full customer support and satisfaction.


One of our fundamental principles is that the Customer is number One and our highest priority. It is because of our loyal customers that we have been able to continuously strive to expand and improve our business and fit into a Canadian business (North American) success story. We are always available for any customer inquiries and recommendations, and appreciate your support throughout the years!